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  • Happy National Park Week!! (April 16 to 24) -   This is our country’s biggest celebration of its National Parks–a time to reflect on our incredible public lands heritage.   It’s also a great time to discover sights and scenery you’ve never experienced before–since ALL 411 park sites are FREE to enter this week. To find parks near you, or to simply review America’s staggering Read More ...
  • What Should Happen to Yellowstone’s Free-Roaming Bison? YOU Can Help Decide - The public can still comment on 3 proposed plans for managing Yellowstone’s iconic herds of bison. Park officials in Yellowstone have extended the period of time–you now have until February 29–to comment on the Environmental Assessment that will determine the wild animals’ fate when they exit Park boundaries.   Because of concerns over a disease Read More ...
  • Plop, Gurgle, Growl… Sounds of Wild Yellowstone Now At Your Fingertips - There’s a lot to see in Yellowstone. Pastel canyons and jagged charcoal peaks. Vast elk and bison herds that speckle the sprawling green of the park’s valleys. A lone wolf dashing into deep conifer cover.   But there’s also a lot to HEAR in America’s first national park–a plethora of fascinating, haunting, even comical sounds. And Read More ...
  • Book on Yellowstone Launches -  I’m so excited to be kicking off the official release of A WEIRD AND WILD BEAUTY! And the timing couldn’t be better.   144 years ago this month, U.S. geologist Ferdinand Hayden posed a bold question to Americans. He and his team of scientists and artists had just lifted the curtain on Yellowstone, a magical mountain-high region Read More ...


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I'm an author with a passion for exciting young people about nature and science. Before embarking on my first book project,  A WEIRD AND WILD BEAUTY, I worked as a science writer with the U.S. government, and before that, as a park ranger who trekked, hiked and snorkeled through such places as Yellowstone National Park and Dry Tortugas National Park in the Gulf of Mexico.

Please contact me with any comments or questions.  So glad you stopped by!



A Weird and Wild Beauty: The Story of Yellowstone, the World's First National Park

Turquoise pools, burbling mud pots, jetting geysers. 

For the first scientific explorers who visited Yellowstone in 1871, such steaming curiosities seemed out of this world.

This story recounts those men's thrilling experiences-their awe, exhilaration, even terror-as they roamed across the region's bewitching landscape.  To their surprise, fortune hunters had also descended on Yellowstone, eager to turn a profit.  Ultimately, the explorers' vivid reports and artwork helped convince Americans to embark on a brand new idea: one that would protect the imperiled 'Wonderland' for all time.



"If Peabody's impassioned, vividly written chronicle of how Yellowstone became a national park does not make readers want to visit, nothing will.....The dramatic, picturesque descriptions of the expedition read very much like an adventure story.... A lively, richly detailed account of exploration, conservation, and natural history." Kirkus Reviews


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